nuthin' but a lee thang (stagger_lee77) wrote in basement_jaxx,
nuthin' but a lee thang

yes, i'm a HUGE basement jaxx fan

hey, i'm new to the community...

my name is lee, and i love me some basement jaxx!! i was in the club one night (when i was stationed at fort stewart), and heard "bingo bango". i was hooked from the start. like a week later, i rushed out to my local media play and picked up remedy and rooty. i fell in love with "romeo" and "where's your head at?" and was stuck. that was 5 years ago. here i am now. right now, my fave BJs song is their remix of daft punk's "phoenix". i listen to pretty much everything except country, and if you look real closely, you can see me in some of my userpics.
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