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new BJ!!

ummmm everyone needs to go and listen to the new "Crazy Itch Radio" tracks on their myspace. they are amazing!! yessss. oh and you can see if they are touring near you. neat-oh-bang-o

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wtf, when are they touring in the US? :(
mannnnnn i don't know. i never have seen them; it's always either California or NY. :(
damn this living in the middle of nowhere in NC... i would KILL to see them. KILL.
Thank you SO much. I had no idea!

And seriously, they should bring their asses to the US, and preferably somewhere near me.
I spoke too soon: They're going to be in New York (Manhattan) on October 10 and 11. http://www.bowerypresents.com/calendar/calendar_200610.html

Why does it have to be on a Tuesday and Wednesday, though??? The last (and only) time I saw them, in Boston in '01, was when I was a college student with no adult responsibilities...booooooo.