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Trapped in this incomprehensible maze [entries|friends|calendar]
Soul Punx Unite // Basement Jaxx Fan Community

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[05 Feb 2011|11:29pm]

 Basement Jaxx, known for songs as ‘Do Your Thing’, Where’s your head at’ and ‘Good luck’ have chosen to do a unique collaboration with the dutch Metropool orchestra. The night of performance was yesterday evening, but before that they gave a little preview of the collaboration at the dutch show ‘De wereld draait door’:

More here @ramblingnotions
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[21 Nov 2009|04:10pm]


Does anyone know if there is a recording of this somewhere? (Not the actual performance, just the song they're playing... is "Dubstep" the actual name of it?)
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[25 Oct 2009|02:30pm]

So I'm going to see Basement Jaxx on Halloween! I'm super excited but I'm just wondering--what is their DJ set like? Do they mix in any of their own songs? I hope they play "Raindrops".... that'd be great to dance to :)
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[19 Sep 2009|02:59pm]

Hey y'all

Wanna know does n-e-1 know if BJ are coming to Montreal, Quebec? Loved them since 1998!!!
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RAINDROPS [26 Jul 2009|01:07pm]

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Yoko Ono and Basement Jaxx [13 Jun 2009|05:52pm]

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The Videos DVD [13 Feb 2008|05:08pm]

Hello all.

A while back I saw a video for "Red Alert" that was quite amusing and awesome, I'm sure some of you have seen it. It had a meteor crash landing in a cafeteria of some sort and ended with some bizarre FX and people dancing. However, now I can't find this version or hardly any mention of it anywhere on the web. Instead there is the other Red Alert video of police cracking down on people playing music.

I'm wondering, those of you that own the "The Videos" DVD, which Red Alert video is on it? I'm not too overwhelmed by the "police" version but I adore the "meteor" version.

Also, am I correct in that the "Do Your Thang" video is NOT on this comp?

Thanks for your help!
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Video request [27 Oct 2006|08:50am]

Hey guys

Does anyone know where I can find a hi-res version of the Cish Cash video?
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[21 Oct 2006|01:52pm]

new fun video for the "Hush Boy"

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Hello! [18 Oct 2006|08:13pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi therre ^_^ Im new to this comm.
My name is Margaret, im 17 and from Cali. My favorite Basement Jaxx song is Plug it in, some of my other favorite bands are Daft Punk, and Freezepop. I first heard Basement Jaxx thanks to my brother, who put the song Rendez-Vu on my computer. :)

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Conan [15 Oct 2006|04:02pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Did anyone catch Basement Jaxx's performance at Late Night with Conan O' Brien last Saturday?

What did you think about their live version of "Take Me Back to Your House"?

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[12 Sep 2006|02:36pm]

[ mood | content ]

anyone have the new album? it's pretty spectacular, and i'm especially loving "When the Lights Go Down" and "Hey U". anyone anyone?

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[20 Aug 2006|01:52am]


Basement Jaxx dedicate a new site for their newest album Crazy Itch Radio, which will be released September 4th (UK) & 5th (US). check it out its phenomenal!!

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new BJ!! [17 Aug 2006|08:32pm]

ummmm everyone needs to go and listen to the new "Crazy Itch Radio" tracks on their myspace. they are amazing!! yessss. oh and you can see if they are touring near you. neat-oh-bang-o

Click Here
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Important! [19 Jul 2006|02:52am]


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[04 May 2006|12:26am]


Jaxx Update

As you may know Basement Jaxx will be supporting Robbie
Williams on his European tour this summer. But the Jaxx will also be doing a few
sneaky DJ dates and some festivals of their own.
Here’s some dates for your

19th May The Last Ever Basement Jaxx “Inside Out” Party at Jamm,
Brixton, London
18th June “T4 On The Beach” – Weston Super Mare, UK
June DJ at Panama Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands
6th July DJ at Vega,
Copenhagen, Denmark
8th July Live at Heineken Festival, Gdynia,
15th July DJ at White Room @ Bunker, Hamburg, Germany
28th July
Inside Out at Watergate, Berlin, Germany
11th August Live at Sun, Moon &
Stars Festival, Saalburg, Germany
18th August DJ at Flex, Vienna,
3rd Sept Live at Electric Picnic, Dublin, Eire

“T4 On The Beach” is a TV show not a festival and whilst we’d love to see you
there, you’ll only see a very short 3 song performance from the Jaxx, not a full
live set.
It’ll be live on Channel 4 too !

More news soon.....

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[23 Apr 2006|10:46pm]

can anyone send me this song (via yousendit.com) or tell me the title of this song?

the lyrics are like this:

no need to change your face
no need to change the clothes you wear
no need to wear no makeup
i'll just take you as you are

i heard it on their dvd. thanks!
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yes, i'm a HUGE basement jaxx fan [15 Apr 2006|01:04am]

hey, i'm new to the community...

my name is lee, and i love me some basement jaxx!! i was in the club one night (when i was stationed at fort stewart), and heard "bingo bango". i was hooked from the start. like a week later, i rushed out to my local media play and picked up remedy and rooty. i fell in love with "romeo" and "where's your head at?" and was stuck. that was 5 years ago. here i am now. right now, my fave BJs song is their remix of daft punk's "phoenix". i listen to pretty much everything except country, and if you look real closely, you can see me in some of my userpics.
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[26 Mar 2006|08:04pm]

And when it will be possible to hear a new album in Russia?

Tell please.
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[28 Dec 2005|05:58pm]

another useless poist from moi. ♥

so, i'm desperate for live performances of 'where's your head at' on the computer. or any performances, really. but mainly, that one.

so, if anyone knows any links..let me know!
without you.]

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