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 Basement Jaxx, known for songs as ‘Do Your Thing’, Where’s your head at’ and ‘Good luck’ have chosen to do a unique collaboration with the dutch Metropool orchestra. The night of performance was yesterday evening, but before that they gave a little preview of the collaboration at the dutch show ‘De wereld draait door’:

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So I'm going to see Basement Jaxx on Halloween! I'm super excited but I'm just wondering--what is their DJ set like? Do they mix in any of their own songs? I hope they play "Raindrops".... that'd be great to dance to :)

The Videos DVD

Hello all.

A while back I saw a video for "Red Alert" that was quite amusing and awesome, I'm sure some of you have seen it. It had a meteor crash landing in a cafeteria of some sort and ended with some bizarre FX and people dancing. However, now I can't find this version or hardly any mention of it anywhere on the web. Instead there is the other Red Alert video of police cracking down on people playing music.

I'm wondering, those of you that own the "The Videos" DVD, which Red Alert video is on it? I'm not too overwhelmed by the "police" version but I adore the "meteor" version.

Also, am I correct in that the "Do Your Thang" video is NOT on this comp?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi therre ^_^ Im new to this comm.
My name is Margaret, im 17 and from Cali. My favorite Basement Jaxx song is Plug it in, some of my other favorite bands are Daft Punk, and Freezepop. I first heard Basement Jaxx thanks to my brother, who put the song Rendez-Vu on my computer. :)
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